Career College Webinar Programme: Planning Effective Programmes of Study, Wednesday 13th April 9am

Planning Effective Programmes of Study 


This is a webinar focused on the subject of the strategic development of study programmes.
Study programmes are the major vehicle for organising learning post 16, but the requirements exacting, and the resourcing tight. This webinar will be led by a team from UCL, which, in partnership with AELP, has been engaged in Education and Training Foundation funded research in to the development of, and good practice within, Study Programmes.

This research has been to support strategic leaders in developing good quality personalised study programmes. Areas of interest include the provision of mathematics and English, access to work experience, new demands on management structures, IT systems and staff development, strategies for developing truly personalised programmes, and ways to build on prior attainment and individual aspirations and career goals.

The webinar was Chaired by Jay Derrick, and the presentation led by Paul Grainger


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