About Career Colleges

Employers are integral to the success of Career Colleges – and will be key in establishing a two-way street between education and work.

You are in a unique position to offer:

  • Real work scenarios and an industry focus.
  • Branded assurance to attract the best students.
  • ‘On the job’ project work with students.
  • Industry open days and master classes.
  • Help with designing the curriculum.
  • The development of employability skills for young people.
  • Guidance to prepare young people for work.
  • The ability to enthuse and excite young people, setting high aspirations and nurturing ambition.
  • Mentoring and coaching.
  • Quality work experience and employment opportunities.
  • Practical and realistic careers advice.

And you will gain:

  • Assurance of a skilled and motivated future workforce for key areas of your business.
  • A guarantee that students have followed programmes of study that fully meet the needs of your sector / business.
  • Opportunities for your own staff to develop through mentoring and coaching young people.
  • Partnerships with appropriate organisations to provide a fully outsourced ‘back office’ and all the necessary educational expertise and resources – allowing you to focus specifically on the skills and training needed to provide your business with work-ready employees.
  • All of the above, without needing to replicate any back office support systems or find new premises – Career Colleges are built around existing infrastructure, including support and inspection systems.