About Career Colleges

Career Colleges have carefully designed programmes, which incorporate core academic elements with highly practical vocational and technical education. This education is designed to equip young people with the skills to enter a career in a particular industry.

In short, the curriculum of each Career College is designed by employers, for employment. Students get involved in industry projects and develop enterprise and communication skills, to prepare them for work and life.

Flexible models

A Career College is defined by an employer-led curriculum, with clear pathways to careers in the industry it serves.

The Trust works with a large number of FE colleges and employer-led commercial joint ventures, alongside industry bodies, major employers and local employer forums.

The key specification is that young people must have access to industry-led education and training, with a clear line of sight to work. Other models of delivery and structure will develop over time, with flexibility in our approach.

Other key features of Career Colleges include:

  • The specialist vocational subject/s being offered are linked to regional and national labour market needs
  • Employers are partners in designing and delivering the curriculum
  • Career College Boards are accountable to the governing body of the FE College/learning provider/ constitution established to govern the venture
  • A minimum of 40% of board members of the Career College are local/regional employers for the relevant sector

Our overarching aim is to ensure that young people are equipped with the necessary skills and hands-on experience to take the next step to a successful career.