How many students are there?

Student numbers vary between Career Colleges. Some Colleges will be set up as pilot projects in the initial stages – with smaller numbers of students. For example, Oldham College is planning incremental growth, which will be phased with the development of brand new bespoke facilities being built for its Digital Career College.

The size of each Career College is based on demand for the sector-based education. Many Colleges will have stepped plans to increase enrolments through a measured development programme over several years.  Some have ambitions to have 1000+ students after 5 years, whilst others are proposing 100 to 200 learners in total. Ultimately this will depend on the local sector career opportunities available and what the capacity each College has to deliver excellent uncompromising education and work experience for students.

The ambition is to open 40 Career Colleges in 4 years, driven by market needs, not individual interest. Over 60 institutions, including employers and FE colleges, have expressed interest in opening a Career College since the launch of the Trust in October 2013.